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Instant Gratification in Skin Care

Let’s get to the point: consumers today demand effective solutions that deliver benefits quickly. The beauty industry is certainly not an exception to this trend. As media promote the image of flawless and successful women (and some men), the desire to resemble their appearance builds up consciously or subconsciously in the general public. Some consumers then turn to solutions for improving their personal image fast.


In this environment, cosmetic injections such as Botox®, fillers and laser skin resurfacing, have become increasingly popular. Cosmetic clinics that promise quick and effective results have multiplied in most metropolitan areas in response to the higher demand for such services.  However, cosmetic procedures are not a good fit for everybody. Some considerations associated with these treatments are:

1) their invasiveness;

2) their cost;

3) required level of skills from the provider.


What other options are there to satisfy the need for instant gratification and a certain degree of impatience? High demand for fast visible results has provided the opportunity for some cosmetic companies to create and/or market a number of skin care products that share a common mission: offering immediate results through non-invasive skin care products. In our experience providing in vivo testing for cosmetic products we have dealt with a number of companies that are proposing to fill that gap.


These products are sometimes considerably cheaper than the more invasive cosmetic procedures provided in the cosmetic clinics; but they offer to deliver similar benefits (for a limited time only). From masks to facials, wrinkle erasing and skin lifting creams, both emerging and popular brands are tapping into this market. The use of visual marketing, such as photos and videos comparing treated and untreated areas, or before and after treatment, makes these products choice even more tempting.


Curiosity is one of the major drivers behind consumers’ decision to try these cosmetics, which effects might last just a few hours. These products can be used in the convenience of consumers’ own homes and often do not require particular skills, although the effect can vary greatly from person to person. The younger age group are usually attracted by the novelty of something that doesn’t require consistency. The older age group is mostly fascinated by some of the dramatic results that could be achieved. One of the downsides is that effects can vanish in just a few hours in some cases.


Product developers and marketers seem to be faced by the constant challenge of presenting products that can perform better and faster. We have analysed the current market to explore some of the most recent trends with the aim to identify new opportunities.  We have looked at a niche of products that claim immediate effects albeit temporary. These products have emerged in response to the demand for fast results with minimal effort and have displayed the capacity to build up a ‘buzz’ around them. But the question is: what happens when at the stroke of midnight the magic runs out? Just pop a little more on and you are back in the game!